Tree Mortality

A picture is worth ten thousand words...

California Department of Fish and Wildlife photo by Margarita Gordus. These were taken about one year apart in Madera County, north of Oakhurst, looking towards Sky Ranch/Rd 632.

California’s forests are changing.  Those of us that live in the foothills see the changes on a daily basis.  Extended drought and a bark beetle infestation have resulted in millions of dead or dying trees in our region. Tree mortality in California is impacting homeowners, governments, businesses, utilities and the overall health of our region.  Not only will it drastically change California’s landscape, the sheer number impacted trees increases the risk of wildfire and trees falling on homes or utility lines.

In 2015 I submitted a request to Governor Jerry Brown and California Office of Emergency Services Director, Mark Ghilarducci, to declare a State of Emergency because of the threat presented by the increasing numbers of dead and dying trees in rural areas. Since that time, the governor has created a Tree Mortality Task Force to coordinate preventative efforts and monitor the scope of the problem but more needs to be done.

Do you have trees that need to be removed? Check with your local county for the latest information.

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