Berryhill Bulletin: March 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Immigration Bill

One of my biggest concerns is community safety. That’s why I introduced a constitutional amendment to help deport all undocumented violent felons. 

The language is technical, but the CliffsNotes version is that the state’s Department of Justice would be required to report all persons convicted of a violent felony - under the state’s current definition - to federal immigration officials (ICE) so that they can figure out who is a citizen and who isn’t and then deport as needed. 

The bill would also block access to most government assistance programs for the undocumented violent felons, which we hope will remove any incentives to return. But if they do decide to return, it will be an automatic felony once they re-enter the state. 

The vast majority of undocumented immigrants are not dangerous, violent criminals, so this affects only a small population. But it only takes one person to cause immeasurable harm.


What they are saying

Los Angeles Times: Republican lawmaker wants California voters to deport felons released from prison who are in the U.S. illegally. 

Calaveras Enterprise: Berryhill seeks fixes to immigration issues 

The Union Democrat: Berryhill proposes bill to aid in deporting violent felons 

Carmichael Times: Berryhill asks colleagues to aid in deporting undocumented violent felons 

Turlock Journal: Berryhill proposes bill aimed at deporting violent felons 

Breitbart News: California lawmaker wants referendum to deport illegal alien felons


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In The District

Boucher’s Shoes in Turlock celebrated 50 years of business! Owner Ken Boucher, Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth, Congressman Jeff Denham, Owner Ernie Boucher and Pat O’Brien, one of my district staffers, all came out to celebrate earlier this month.


Owner Ken Boucher, Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth, Congressman Jeff Denham, Owner Ernie Boucher and Pat O’Brien, one of my district staffers


Small Business Seminars

Throughout the year I co-sponsor various business seminars and meetings with Board of Equalization Member George Runner. There is one event right around the corner, which will focus on tax issues for small businesses. Topics will include: Avoiding common sales and use tax problems and better record keeping. I hope you can join us. Come check it out!

April 5, 2017 - Oakhurst 

Oakhurst Small Business Tax Seminar
Oakhurst Community Center
39800 Road 425B, Oakhurst, CA 93644


Do you have unclaimed property out there?

The government may have your cash or other property that it’s waiting for you to come claim. In fact, The Sacramento Bee reports that by mid-2018, the total amount of unclaimed property in the state’s possession will be $9 billion. 

There are many reasons why this happens: a last paycheck from an old employer that was never picked up, a long-forgotten childhood savings account, and so on. No matter what the reason, you can search for unclaimed property on the State Controller’s website: 

This happens in every state. A member of my staff checked with his home state of Virginia and found a check for $60 from a job he had as a teenager. In other words, it’s worth checking that website to see if you have some money coming to you!


We are here to help

The 8th Senate District is 27,000 square miles - one of the largest districts in the Senate and about the size of Rhode Island. To better serve you, I have set up three regional district offices with great staff available to listen to your opinions on legislation, lend a hand with problems you may be having with state agencies, or arrange an appointment with me. We also hold mobile office hours (see below). The schedule for those can be found on my website. Please do not hesitate to contact one of my local offices if we can be of assistance.

Capitol Office
State Capitol, Rm 3067
Sacramento, CA 95818

Fresno Office
6215 N. Fresno St.
Fresno, CA 93710

Jackson Office
33 C Broadway
Jackson, CA 95642

Oakdale Office
102 Grove Ave, Suite B
Oakdale, CA 95361


Mobile office hours

April 4th 
Sonora City Fire Department
201 South Shepherd Street, Sonora, Ca 95370

April 19
Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce
40061 Highway 41 Suite 102
Oakhurst, CA 93644
(559) 683-7766

Yosemite Lakes Park Library (located inside the Clubhouse)
30250 Yosemite Springs Parkway
Coarsegold, CA 93614
(559) 658-7866